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About Us

Our role is to provide senior secondary education for students unable to attend NT schools and to extend the curriculum available to students attending both NT government and non-government urban, regional and remote schools.

Students may enrol as full-time or part-time and may be school-aged or mature aged.

We are one of many secondary schools operated by the Department of Education (DoE) in the Northern Territory. In some ways we are different from the other secondary schools, but the main ingredients are the same; experienced professional teachers providing the best possible education for individual students. Whilst most students may not attend traditional classes, they are expected to work regularly in their subjects. The students might be studying via a different method, but they are studying the same curriculum as Territory students in other schools.

Specially prepared materials, online, print-based or a combination of these, are the basis for all subjects, with students completing regular tasks which they return to their teachers for assistance, feedback and assessment.

It is an ongoing relationship

Personal contact between students and teachers is an integral part of the service we provide with weekly lessons via video conferencing and/or phone and teleconference. We have a free call phone line to assist students to maintain communication with their teachers. All of our subjects are available online in a system called Moodle which students can access 24/7.

We also conduct a number of Residential Schools and workshops and teachers may visit isolated students at their home location during the year. This encourages friendly liaison and provides additional support.