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Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

Create an inclusive learning community that inspires students to achieve their educational goals, aspirations and potential as local and global citizens.

Our Values


NTSDE staff actively commit to creating a school that is positive, supportive and friendly. We commit to acting with honesty, integrity and empathy in our daily work practices. We recognise each person’s unique personal and professional skills. We actively foster collaboration and accept our individual accountability to make ‘Respect’ a true part of our workplace and our interactions with our students and school community.


NTSDE staff commit, through personal practice, to the highest standards of professionalism. We encourage application, rigor and originality of learning and work practice. We appreciate imagination and new ideas, and act decisively and consistently at all times. We recognise and celebrate excellence, achievement and efforts of our students and staff ensuring that our relationships with each other and the broader community will be strong and long-lasting.


NTSDE staff actively respect, affirm and defend the dignity of all individuals. As a school we address issues of equity and justice in our curriculum, pedagogy and work practices. NTSDE staff strive to create an inclusive work environment where students and staff are valued for their cultures, experiences, skills, knowledge and capabilities.


NTSDE staff are committed to working together to ensure they meet the challenges of an ever changing education environment. NTSDE strives to utilise evidence based innovative, flexible and effective teaching practices through its delivery of distance education programs to optimise engagement and achievement by all students.