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2019 Australian National Titration Competition

Congratulations to our Stage 1 Chemistry dual enrolled students:
• Grace Johnson - Casuarina Senior College
• Georgia Johnson - Casuarina Senior College
• Christopher Kollakkombil - Tennant Creek High

who had a successful preliminary round of  the Australian National Titration Competition, organised by RACI NT (The Royal Australian Chemical Institute). The competition was held at CDU Chemistry Laboratory on 21st August.

Chris, Georgia and Grace had to perform a titration - a procedure used in chemistry in order to determine the molarity (concentration) of an acid or a base. They had to standardise sodium hydroxide against a known concentration of hydrochloric acid. The sodium hydroxide solution was then used to determine the unknown concentration of acetic acid. 

Each student was given a different concentration of acetic acid to analyse with students being awarded for their precision and accuracy.  

Given the limited time to practice, Chris, Georgia and Grace performed extremely well. Each will receive silver medals for their effort at the Northern Territory Science awards held in November.

Congratulations Chris, Georgia and Grace, we are so proud of you and your achievement.

Rose Maker
Chemistry Teacher