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2019 NASA Visits Again!

Once again we have been very fortunate to host two NASA scientists;

  • Dr Thomas Statler
  • Dr Adriana Ocampo Uria. 

Both were in Darwin to view an occultation event which will assist them in gaining valuable insight into the Orus asteroid. 

An occultation event is when a heavenly object passes in front of another heavenly body like a solar eclipse but this case it is an asteroid moving in front of a star.

The Lucy mission, named after the fossilized human ancestor Lucy, hopes to revolutionize our knowledge of planetary origins and the formation of our solar system just like Lucy’s skeleton did with human evolution. Lucy will launch in October 2021 and will complete a 12 year mission visiting 7 different asteroids including Orus.

The New Horizon Mission was launched in 2006 with the sole purpose to visit Pluto and its moons.  It provided detailed photographs and data for scientists to study. Pluto has been found to contain an atmosphere, mountains, glaciers, ice volcanoes and what appears to be an ocean with extensive ice sheets.

We wish our NASA scientists the best and thank them for taking the time to talk to not only our students but those from KSA and ASSOA too.

Veronica Ross
Science Teacher

Photo: the scientists with our Science Faculty; Rose, Lenny, Dr Thomas, Veronica, Dr Ariana, Sarbari.