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2020 Student Representative Council

Introducing our 2020 Student Representative Council Members! Thank you to the students who have elected to be on our School Council.

School Council meets weekly on Monday at 9:45am via Zoom.

Nirvana Rose Lockwood
Year 12
President / Chairperson

Hi, my name is Nirvana-Rose Lockwood and I live in Dundee Beach. I'm in year 12 and have been doing Distance education since 2015. My role in the Student representative council is 'President'. What I want to achieve with SRC is, getting engaged with my school, fellow students and community and making school a fun environment for everyone.

Aarya KC
Year 10
Vice President / Deputy Chairperson
Hello, My name is Aarya Pratap Kc and I am in grade 10. I am originally from Nepal but now living in Yulara.
I joined the Student Represent because I love working on group projects and helping people.
I have been on an SRC for 2 years now AT Yulara School and this is my third year. I will be do my best to help everyone.

Kai Woodall
Year 11

I'm Kai Woodall, I've been working with NTSDE since 2019 and I live in Palmerston.
I joined the Student Representative Council in the hopes of being able to learn how to better handle higher level administrative work. 
As well as this; I hope to improve my confidence in handling important jobs and public speaking positions.

Peggy Magee
Year 11

I’m Peggy Magee, I live in Mataranka, I’m in year 11 and the reason I wanted to be on the SRC was to bring the ideas and
suggestions the student body have to a place where we can make changes and improve people’s experiences doing school through distance learning.
Cory Hoffrichter
Year 11
Public Relations
Hi, I'm Cory J, and I joined the student council because it seems like it will be a fun new experience,
I can help fellow students, meet new people, use more video/photo editing and have my voice heard.

Hannah Gardiner
Year 10
Student Representative Member


Our names are Hannah and Annelyse and we both attend Batchelor school in Year 10.
We joined the SRC to get our thoughts and ideas out and contribute to our school.

Annelyse Parkanyi
Year 10
Student Representative Member