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Cheers to 39 years!

This is our 39th year of operation! Let’s take a look at the past 39 years…

1989 – we were known as the NT Secondary Correspondence School. Materials were posted out in sets of printed booklets and audio and video cassettes were progressing rapidly. We had 12 students using our new battery operated laptop computers to complete a word processing course.

1999 – the end of the century and the millennium! A name change; we were now known as the NT Open Education Centre. Large volumes of printed booklets were posted out and telephones, fax machines and internet access were available to an increasing number of students.

2009 – technology has started progressing rapidly; we started growing our eLearning environment and expanded our delivery of IDL as the STARS satellite network was introduced.

2019 – today – we are known as the NT School of Distance Education. Course materials are available online on Moodle, subjects have one IDL lesson per week and we are trialling new technology such as a light-board, iPad apps and virtual and augmented reality.

Who knows what the future holds!