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HEAL Project

HEAL is one of NTSDE’s specialist programs.  HEAL is a re-engagement/intervention program to support students to develop their Numeracy, Literacy and ICT skills to access and succeed on an NTCET pathway.

The resources align with SACE Board Curriculum and maps back from Stage 1 performance standards to build student Numeracy, Literacy and ICT levels so students can successfully complete Stage 1 subjects in preparation for success at Stage 2.

We are offering a new program, HEAL (Health Education and Literacy). The program aims to transform disengaged students into successful learners through a focus on literacy, and targeted, engaging and differentiated cross-curricular learning materials in English, Health, and Physical Education.

All subjects are aligned, and materials are levelled for differentiated literacy access. The selection of materials will facilitate personalised learning for individuals or instructional groups in the class.

For more information, please contact our HEAL Project and Cross-Disciplinary:
Tracey Wing
8922 2294