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HEAL Team Update

The HEAL team of Elizabeth Mountford, Maverick Pagkalinawan, Alicia Stanley and Anita Isma has been travelling far and wide to meet the teachers and principals and students who have enrolled in the HEAL program.

We have spent time training teachers in literacy diagnostics and in running clarifying sessions about the courses for the educators on the ground who will be delivering the courses, with HEAL team assistance.

At Alice Outcomes, educators were mentored in running records, comprehension, spelling and writing diagnostics. A meeting with Kim Omar, the Principal of Owen Springs, and her staff and with the Remote Schools Team were all productive and well received.

Currently we have 10 students enrolled at Alice Outcomes and enrolments taking place for 10+ students from Owen Springs.

The team also travelled to Shepherdson College, by light aircraft (which didn’t suit Alicia and Mav!) where we currently have 24 students enrolled. Again, a train the trainer model saw teachers on the ground being upskilled in literacy diagnostics.

Communication with Alice Outcomes, Owen Springs and Shepherdson is ongoing, with the HEAL team providing ongoing support and differentiated materials.

We currently have 17 enrolled from Mitchell Creek and Anita and Alicia have trained 4 educators in all literacy diagnostics.

Follow up visits have been planned, and interest has been further stimulated by the NTSDE’s Career Expo presentations, with more enrolments planned for 2020.

You can find out more about HEAL here: https://www.ntsde.nt.edu.au/news/heal-project