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Health and PE students from Jabiru

This term Year 10 students Kia Gowler and Mitchell Tickner have been running Physical Education classes with Grade 2/3 and Grade 7/8 Jabiru Area School (JAS) students.

All classes were run in the JAS Multi-purpose Area and the Grade 2/3 students have enjoyed the following physical activities:

  • Games such as Warriors and Dragons, Duck Duck Goose, Pac man and Stuck in the Mud
  • Practising fundamental movement skills such as: running, skipping, hopping, jumping, galloping, side stepping
  • Practising ball handling skills (catching, throwing, passing) using a range of different balls: Touch balls, Tennis balls, Volleyballs, and Basketballs
  • Team sports: Hockey,  Soccer, Kickball, Basketball, Golden Child
  • Running and Fitness Activities such as: chasey, star jumps, bull rush
  • Learning about hydration.

Our favourite part was when the students welcome us, we get a ‘rock star’ style entry! Our least favourite thing to do is equipment handling, and setting up prior to class!

The Grade 7/8 students do a different program. They always warm up effectively first. Often they play Dragons and Warriors as a warm up.  They are active playing and learning about mainly team sports as students are older. The main sports they learnt were basketball, hockey, and soccer. We had a few problems. Some students don’t join in, sometimes even with encouragement they don’t join in.

Our favourite part was getting to participate in games/sports with the students! We love to play too.  Kia’s least favourite part was that sometimes her siblings were rude! But not all the time.

Mitch and Kia
Year 10 Health and PE Students