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Induction Week a Winner – Leading to Successful Year 12 Completion

Our first on site Residential and Induction Week was a great success running from Monday 16th to Friday 20th of March. Students started arriving at our accommodation in the Darwin Waterfront from Sunday afternoon whilst others joined in activities from Homeroom on the Monday morning.

Anne White the Principal of NTSDE welcomed students warmly on Monday encouraging them to make the most of this opportunity to establish a successful platform for the remainder of the 2020 academic year.

This was the first time that NTSDE has conducted a Year 12 Induction week, which is programmed differently to all previous semester one events. This week allowed students and their individual teachers to have a full day of lessons in each subject, rather than a timetable where they moved from subject to subject. Students and teacher commented that this block delivery methodology was very effective, with classes often continuing into morning tea and lunch breaks without anyone wanting to take a break from their learning.

This meant that those students like Nirvana Lockwood from Dundee Forest and Chris Kollakkombil from Tennant Creek who do all their Stage 2 subjects with NTSDE came into the school for all 5 days of the week whilst others like Hayley van Loenhout from Swim Creek Station and Lauren Wojcick from Taminmin College just came in for 1 or 2 days.

Highlights of the week for all students were the lunchtime Careers Workshops led by our Careers Consultant Jenny Eddy which students found highly worthwhile. Students also had the opportunity to meet some of the students from the NTSDE Graduating Class of 2016 who talked about life after school. Additionally others attended an afterschool visit on Wednesday to the campus at Charles Darwin University to speak to personnel from various Schools of Learning about courses on offer.

All students commented that the Year 12 Induction Week was very helpful in getting a deeper understanding of the requirements of their courses and a clearer picture of how success looks in their subjects.

Our thanks go to the students for making the trip to the Bullocky Point Precinct for their lessons, the teachers who made the on-site visits so worthwhile and the coordinating team at NTSDE for setting up this opportunity to help all of our students to be successful completers in 2020.


Brendan Brannelly
Assistant Principal
General Pathways