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National Health PE Day

12 September 2019

Australian school children rank among the worst in the world when it comes to their physical activity levels. 80% of 5-17 year olds are not meeting the guidelines of at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity every day. 

As distance education students many of your waking hours are spent sitting at school and at home, so you need to integrate opportunities in order to be more active as part of everyday life.

Win prizes!

We are running competitions to increase staff and students’ physical activity:

  • Competition 1: most steps taken - open to all students
  • Competition 2: coolest way to stay active - open to all students
  • Competition 3: most enthusiastic walkers - open to NTSDE staff.

There are two Fitbit Inspire’s, a heart rate monitor and a fedora hat up to win.

To enter please send photos or video of your coolest way to be active to Vanessa Cuttriss: vanessa.cuttriss@ntschools.net by Friday 13 September 2019.

What can you do to get involved?

Below are some simple ways you can incorporate 30 minutes of physical activity and reduce sedentary lifestyles at home on National HPE Day.

Doing these activities will (over time) make a substantial difference to your health and learning outcomes, and establish good habits that will hopefully stay with you them throughout your entire life. 

Unplug the technology and play

Time spent using electronic media (such as watching television, IDL Lessons, online Moodle lessons, mobile phone use and computers) usually involve long periods of sitting. Make a family agreement on National HPE Day to eliminate ‘screen time’ and instead spend some quality active time together. Go for a family bike ride, a walk, fly a kite, throw a frisbee, help cook dinner, wash the car, or get busy with household chores!  Make fun the focus. 

Use active modes of travel

Physical activity does not need to be organised or competitive to be beneficial. Walk, ride a bike, horse, quadbike/motorbike, scooter or skateboard all or part of the way on National HPE Day instead of taking the car.  Catch up with friends to walk and talk instead of sitting down to chat, or take the dog for a walk after dinner with your family. 

Visit a local club and play organised sport

If accessible, visit your local sporting clubs within the community or at the very least research into what sporting options are available. I encourage you to participate to get active and involved in your own community.  If there are no local sporting clubs nearby consider participating in sports such as table tennis, darts, trampolining, dancing, ‘french’ cricket, darts, billiards, fishing, golf, hunting, biathlon, or running.

You can find out more here: https://hpeday.com.au/ 

Vanessa Cuttriss