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Stage 1 Creative Arts

Eleven Stage 1 students from OLSH at Wadeye completed their final Creative Arts product during Residential School in week 6.

Students used the new media studio and green screen to do a photoshoot complete with costumes, make-up and props to create a photo in their chosen theme. Prior to coming to Darwin students completed an interactive planning task, choosing a theme and then dressing a model in the chosen outfit with written directions for photographing their idea and the background they would like.

The Art storeroom was converted into a wardrobe and dressing room and the girls went first in the morning session where Halloween and fashion were the popular themes. In the afternoon session the boys took on characters inspired by Halloween, super heroes and rock music.

Outfits were accessorised with wigs, hats and make-up as characters evolved. Then into the studio where the photo was taken by one of the other students using all the skills they had learned back at school.

A final lesson was used to discuss and give feedback on the photoshoot.
The final shots were photoshopped to insert the backgrounds and a final photo given to each student. These photos will become part of an exhibition of student work to be held at OLSH next semester.

Great work, great fun and lots of learning.

Thanks to Will Hoffmann for his expertise and assistance. 

Winsome Jobling