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Sydney Johnson Horse Riding

I am currently training 4 horses. I have broken in one and preparing for sale. Fred is my young 18h warm blood that I am training for eventing. Kingsford the grey is currently eventing at 80-95 cm. Karmen my original Percheron / warmblood is eventing this weekend at 80cm and I’m sharing the training with Grace.

We went quite well sitting 5th after dressage then 2nd after show jumping! I spend about 4 hours a day there (2 hours in the morning then another 2 hours in the afternoon) during this time I’m working with the horses as well as making up feeds, poo picking, cleaning waters, fixing fences if they've been knocked down, cleaning my tack, or stocking feeds.

My favourite thing about riding horses is watching their progress, as well as improving myself. I also love the adrenaline rush when we enter the starting boxes at comps, or complete goals we have been working towards for months. Besides riding horses it’s just spending time with them, bonding etc.

My favourite discipline is definitely cross country, I think mainly because it’s the main area where all your hours of work pays off. Also the satisfaction of completing the course with no time faults or refusals, and of course the buzz you get when you leave the starting box.

The beach we ride along is Cabarita beach, which has amazing sunsets and sunrises, with low waves so it’s easy to take the horses in for a swim.

Sydney Johnson