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Winners of HPE Day Competition

Congratulations to the winners of our National Health and PE Day competitions:

  • Coolest way to be active’ competition - the winner of a FitBit Inspire is Mitchell Barrett, Year 10.
  • Most steps taken’ completion - winner of a FitBit Inspire is Juniper Spurr, Year 10.
  • Most enthusiastic walkers’ staff completion - joint winners are Bev Wilson and Veronica Ross.

Here are their entries:

Juniper Spurr

I am Juniper, I am in Year 10 at NTSDE. I walk every night when it’s cool, but last week I walked an extra-long way from Casuarina bus stop to home. It was 2.6 kms. Rather than wait for the bus which took ages to come, we just decided to walk home. It was humid and really hot, we had to stop at the shop to get a drink to make it home. It was actually exhausting as I hadn’t eaten yet that morning.

Mitchell Barrett

Hi my name is Mitchell and I am a really active person and I love outdoors.  On National HPE Day, I woke up early and went to the gym for an hour (like I do every day) working my upper body, then I went to school.  

After school I went down to the golf course and did practice for 2 hours. I am a really passionate golfer and also I am the captain of the NT squad and I am down on the golf course almost every day because I have a lot of big tournaments coming up. I fly down to Melbourne in a week to play in the Victorian International Junior Open, my handicap is 12 and is dropping rapidly.  

Straight after golf training I went down to the oval and did the beep test by myself which I do 3 days a week to keep myself in good shape. Later that night my mate and I went for a night fish and caught a few fish. I have attached some photos for you to see.

Vanessa Cuttriss