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Home Supervisor Duties

It is the expectation that all school aged students have a supervisor or tutor to oversee their studies. Often it is the parent or guardian who takes on this role. Good study habits start with good organisation. This means drawing up a timetable to enable students to complete assignments on time.

All subjects have a Subject Information section explaining what the course involves. All subjects have time lines for each subject. It is important for tutors/supervisors to be aware of when all assignments are due and encourage students to work to achieve these deadlines. Tutors / supervisors should be aware of the NTSDE Assessment Deadline Policy.

Once Started

  • Work closely with the student
  • Ensure the student has access to a telephone, computer, internet connection and (if possible) a printer / scanner
  • Be willing to discuss ideas with the student
  • Help the student to negotiate with teachers about timelines (if necessary)
  • Alert coordinators to illness, holidays or other family circumstances which could mean that the student may fall behind schedule in one or more of their subjects.

Sending in Work

  • Check all required tasks have been satisfactorily completed
  • Check that all work has the student's name for identification
  • Keep copies of all assignments / work sent.