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Student Information

Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (SRC), consists of two members across all year levels. Two members of the SRC are also on the School Council. The students represent their class mates and peers of NTSDE. Each month they have a meeting where concerns are raised and ideas are suggested.

Over the last few years the SRC has made great progress by assisting with activities or events such as school badges at Senior Residential School, videos and photos, fundraising for cancer (footy colours day and dress-up days), the Graduation, Drive Safe NT advertising and the school t-shirt ideas just to name a few!

Remember, the SRC members represents YOU as a student. Any issues or ideas, great or small will be discussed and if deemed appropriate by the SRC will be taken to the School Council in hope of a change or solution. The SRC are the voice of the students at NTSDE.

Students with Special Needs

NTSDE aims to provide the support and modified educational requirements for students who have an identified learning challenge, disability or disorder which may be catered for via distance mode education

NTSDE endeavour’s to cater for students and their families individual needs, enabling them to engage and succeed to the best of their capability in their studies whilst undertaking a distance education program in preparation for post-secondary education, employment and training.