HEAL Program

HEAL is a program that focuses on building the English, numeracy, literacy and ICT skills of students. It is an intervention program that is highly structured to support EAL/D learners to achieve EAL/D Level 4. It is our belief that by students achieving  EAL/D Level 4 they have the required literacy to navigate independently the responsibilities of family, community and work.

Course materials and learning content are age and culturally appropriate to enable students who have low levels of literacy and numeracy to engage in the learning that meets them where they are at, with the focus on building their capabilities, so they can support their families, contribute to community and continue their education post their senior secondary schooling.

The HEAL program is conducted over two-years with home school teachers working in partnership with NTSDE teachers based in Darwin. The provision of the teaching and learning program, content, and assessment and reporting is the responsibility of NTSDE staff, releasing home school staff to focus on differentiating their support of students in their classrooms and providing additional scaffolding for students as required.

Once students reach EAL/D Level 4 they will have the required literacy to be successful in SACE Stage 1 subjects, the skills to successfully transition to an NTCET Pathway and the necessary literacy skills to navigate life beyond school independently.