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Urban Secondary Schools

Urban secondary schools in the NT and SA are able to enrol students with us who have needs that cannot be met by their home school. Such students are referred to as dual enrolments. 

For these students a special cooperative approach is needed between the us, the home school and the student. We are responsible for the teaching and assessing of the specific subjects, but the home school retains the overall responsibility for the welfare of the student.

To ensure success for the student it is essential that they are able to spend time studying our subjects within the school day in an environment which promotes learning. It must be recognised that when students commence studies in the distance mode they require considerable assistance in organising their time and pacing their work. As they become more experienced in distance education they usually become more self-sufficient and self-disciplined.

For urban and regional secondary schools only:

  • The maximum number of students who can be enrolled in any one subject is eight.
  • Cross-Disciplinary subjects (Personal Learning Plan, Integrated Learning and Community Studies) are available only to remote community dual students. Please contact our coordinators for more information.