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Term 2 - Week 6 - 2018
31 May 2018

Dates to Remember

  • Queen's Birthday Public Holiday
    Monday 11 June 2018
  • Year 12 Physics and Chemistry Workshops
    Tuesday 12 June - Friday 15 June 2018
  • Assessment Submissions Cut-off Day (All)
    Friday 15 June 2018
  • School Council Meeting
    Thursday 21 June 2018
  • Reports Sent (All)
    Wednesday 27 June 2018
  • Pupil Free Day
    Tuesday 24 July 2018

eNewsletter Contents


Principal's Message

Marcia Harvey

Hello and welcome to our Week 6 newsletter.

Life at NTSDE has been very busy in recent weeks. We have held the first of our 2018 Science Workshop's along with our first Community Residential School. All students involved in these activities participated excellently and gained much from their attendance. You can read more about both events further on in the newsletter.

We have also had two very important guests visit NTSDE this term. Firstly the Minister for Education, The Honourable Eva Lawler (MLA) and secondly Her Honour The Administrator, The Honourable Vicki O'Halloran. It was wonderful to showcase our school and a terrific opportunity for both visitors to learn about what it is like for students across the NT to undertake their schooling through distance education. Excitingly, Her Honour has extended an invitation to our Year 12 students to attend an afternoon tea at Government House during the Completers Residential School in term 3. Something for all students attending to look forward to.

As part of its ongoing school improvement processes NTSDE has sought permission to have an extra staff professional development day on Tuesday 24th July. This means term 3 classes for students will commence on Wednesday 25th July. A letter to all parents, students and partner schools formally advising them of this will be sent out this week.

NTSDE has commenced delivery of an online STEM Program - Pyramids of Paper to 77 students at Nightcliff and Dripstone Middle Schools. This innovative program gives students the opportunity to participate in a weekly online lesson, engage in online course as well as develop their creative and critical thinking skills in a science, technology and mathematics. Ms Veronica Ross has designed the program and the feedback from students so far has been very positive. You can read and see more about this program in this edition of the newsletter

With only four weeks left until the end of semester students should be focusing on ensuring they know when final assessments are due so as not to miss any work submission deadlines. As always if students or parents are concerned about any of the course requirements their first point of call should be the subject teacher or Student Coordinator.

Ms Marcia Harvey

Community Residential School

21-25 May 2018

NTSDE held their Community Residential School with eleven Year 10-12 students from Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Thamarrurr school and Xavier Catholic College in attendance with their teachers.

Students were actively engaged in their studies and were able to work on assessment tasks with their NTSDE teachers during a week of timetabled lessons at NTSDE. The Menzies School of Health came in and delivered a captivating Health Lab session that promotes healthy living. Health Lab researches work with students to promote healthy living allowing them to test their health to give them a better understanding of what is good for the body and what isn't.

Students also enjoyed many exciting excursions and after-school activities including trampolining at Flip Out, archery at Flight Path, a self defence program, a movie at the Darwin Cinema, laser tag at King Pin and shopping at Casuarina Shopping Square.

The annual Community Residential School was once again a very productive week with students completing an enormous amount of work and enjoying the opportunities provided to explore and experience Darwin!

To view some photos from the week have a look at the gallery below:

Leanne Goldsworthy

Recent Visitors to NTSDE

We recently had some notable visitors to NTSDE. On Friday 18th May the Honourable Eva Lawler Minster for Education undertook a tour of NTSDE, visited with some students on line and made a guest appearance at the NTSDE STEM Program that is being delivered to 77 Middle Years students across Darwin.

On Monday 21st May Her Honour the Administrator the Honourable Vicki O’Halloran visited NTSDE. Her honour was given a tour of the building, met with students attending our Community Residential Program and connected in with students on line to discuss her role and also to speak with the students about what it is like studying via distance.

STEM - Pyramids of Paper

stem_pyramidSTEM – Pyramids of Paper is an initiative by the Northern Territory School of Distance Education (NTSDE) to encourage secondary students to engage in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) subjects with the aims of:

  • Promoting an engaging and challenging learning environment
  • Fostering curiosity and developing investigation skills
  • Developing confidence and resilience in the students through STEM processes

The overarching intent is to encourage Territory students to continue to study Mathematics and Science through Year 12 and onto university.

Pyramids of Paper is a 7 week extra curricula course that uses the STEM Design Process to solve engineering challenges around the humble piece of paper. Challenges include;

  • How tall can a tower of paper stand?
  • What shaped column supports the most mass?
  • Can columns of paper hold your own mass?
  • How far can a piece of paper fly?
  • How much time can a piece of paper spend in the air?
  • How much mass can a bridge of paper hold?
  • How much mass can a boat of paper hold?
  • What is the largest continuous loop that can be made from a piece of paper?

Each week students participate in a one hour Skype session as they delve into the challenges.  A NTSDE Moodle course supports the students, allowing them to post their successes and reflections. Currently 77 students from Nightcliff Middle and Dripstone Middle are participating and producing some amazing designs in response to the challenges.

Veronica Ross
STEM Teacher

Science Workshops

In week 3, we held our:

  • Year 12 Scientific Studies workshop on Tuesday 8th May - Wednesday 9th May
  • Year 12 Biology workshop on Thursday 10th May - Friday 11th May.

The students completed practical components of the course.

To view some photos from the workshops have a look at the gallery below:

Attention Year 10 and Year 11 NTSDE Students!

  • Are you resourceful?
  • Do you enjoy active problem solving?
  • Are you good at thinking outside the box?
  • Would you enjoy a memorable challenging experience that has a lasting impact?
  • Are you interested in uncovering your hidden talents?
  • Would you be interested in being involved in a team of 6 to compete in the challenge to design and build you own escape room (with a health theme)?

An escape room is a real-life escape game experience which requires 6 players to work together as a team to find hidden clues and solve puzzles, both mental and physical, to escape a themed room. Players need to think fast, think hard and think smart to beat the clock and its fun too!

See the 2018 Flinders NT Students Science Challenge flyer below:

If you are interested, or would like any more information please email Ms Cuttriss by Wednesday 13 June.

Vanessa Cuttriss
Health and PE Teacher

Career Development Information for Parents

The MyFuture website uses Google Analytics to see that information for parents is highly sought after when it comes to helping their children with their career choices.

For that reason MyFuture have developed an Assist your child feature page containing links to the articles that provide tips and advice for parents and carers to assist their child with their career development.

Visit Myfuture at https://myfuture.edu.au/ for further information.

Education Wherever You Are!


My family and I have moved to Lake Bennett. It is a real change but we have settled in quite well. Aside from having to drive up a mountain to be able to go to school, we find it relaxing. At about 6.50am my sister (Nirvana) and I take our big dogs up the mountain for a walk, it is very cold, but not as cold as our shower.

School is less distracting here apart from the occasional mouse spider that creeps up on us, and the wind blowing us away. A buffalo nor boar has passed through our class rooms yet, luckily, we would have to listen to our dad for once, 'run fast'.

After school my brothers, sister and I check the cherabin traps for, well cherabin, and sometimes, sleepy cod, a greyish, slimy cod that according to my dad that tastes pretty good. We have 5 nets, one for each child and one for my uncle. Everyone has caught over 5 cherabin, except of course me. I am not entirely sure why but it could be the fact it has many rips in it, which I need to fix once I find the fishing line!

One afternoon Nirvana and a couple of friends and I went fishing in the billabong, I caught a logadile and about 3 trees, while Nirvana caught over 6 trees and our friend's younger sister showed us all out, by catching the only fish.

Soon we will be moving on again and travelling around Australia towards Queensland way, ending back in warm NT to defrost after 4 months of cold.

Ebonnie Lockwood

Quotes from Students

horseAn English teacher was having an IDL lesson with her class of students.

'Excuse me Miss', one of the students said, 'My horse is running down the road!

Can I go and get it please?'

The student was excused from the lesson!

Our Locations

Sandra Jestin - Maningrida

Sarah Leicht - Yulara

Shannai Wade - Suplejack Station

Erica Portelli - Currently in Dili

Green Screen and a Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak!

I love the green screen and my Year 10's do too!

Here is another possibility – appearing and disappearing out of the background!

All you need is a green coat!

Ms Winsome Jobling
Art Teacher



On Wednesday 23 May, NTSDE staff wore orange to recognise the efforts of thousands of volunteers who give up their time to serve their communities in floods, storms, cyclones and other emergencies.

Orange is the official colour of State Emergency Services across the country.

Thank you to all SES volunteers!

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