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Term 3, Week 5 2018
24 August 2018

Dates to Remember

  • Year 12 Reports sent
    Tuesday 28 August 2018
  • Stage 2 Completers Residential
    Monday 3 September - Friday 7 September
  • Year 10 and Stage 1 Assessment Cut-off Day
    Friday 14 September 2018
  • Year 12 Trial Exams
    Monday 24 September - Friday 28 September
  • School Holidays (2 weeks)
    Monday 1 October - Friday 12 October

eNewsletter Contents


Principal's Message

Anne WhiteHello everyone,

I am delighted to be the Acting Principal of NTSDE for the remainder of 2018 and look forward to getting to know everyone better during my tenure at NTSDE. Congratulations to Ms Marcia Harvey on her time as Principal of NTSDE and the legacy she has left for current and future staff, students and families.

Congratulations to the staff and students who participated in the residential school last week; everyone looked like they had a great time studying and socialising together and it was really nice to meet the students and feel and share in the excitement of both staff and students throughout the week.

Year 12 student's will receive their reports in Week 6 which is another significant checkpoint for them as the end of their school life looms closer. It is important all Year 12’s remain focused on their studies, maintain their energy levels and that families are vigilant in supporting their children and encouraging their children to seek support from their teachers in a timely manner over the coming weeks. I am hoping to have the opportunity to meet and talk with all the Year 12 students who attend residential school next week.

Looking forward to being part of NTSDE's future.

Ms Anne White

Dependant and Dual Residential #2

The second semester residential school for dependent and dual Year 10 and Stage 1 students was held in week 4 of term 3. Our 21 participants came from all regions of the Territory. It was a very successful residential with students working together and with their teachers on a range of activities, including assessment tasks.
At Monday’s Morning Tea the fundraising event for the Kids Cancer Project was held. The ‘Cupcakes 4 a Cure’ event raised $115.00. Thank you to everyone who made the delicious cupcakes / slices and also those who donated money.

During Wednesday lunchtime students gathered for a ‘hands on’ presentation from the Marine Science association which was very well received by the students. CDU and Flinders University also had a POP UP information stand for students during Friday lunchtime.

The after-school activities included Ice Skating and The Breakout Room. From the chatter amongst students both activities were thoroughly enjoyed by all. Kiralee was the 'Ice Skating' champion, Brando was the 'Fun on Ice' champion and Joey was the 'Persistence on Ice' champion. Well done to these students for their active participation in the after school activities and well done to Ms Cuttriss for making it happen!

At Friday’s Morning Tea students farewelled the previous NTSDE Principal Marcia Harvey. On behalf of all the NTSDE students, Sandra Jestin and Hunter Torr acknowledged Marcia’s dedication to the school community. There were both tears and joy at the morning tea from both the Principal and students! Seralda Daiyi received the Spirit of Learning award for always doing her best in every subject. Well done Seralda!

Congratulations to all students and teachers who have helped to make this residential school a successful and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Student Services Team

Australian History Competition

A number of our Year 10 History students competed in the annual Australian History Competition at the end of Term 2. We are very proud to announce that two of our students, Seralda Daiyi and Hayley Van Loenhout, have recently been awarded the state championship medals for the NT! Both students have been awarded an engraved medal and will be recognised on the competition website.

This annual competition is prepared by the History Teachers’ Association of Australian and requires students to answer a series of multiple choice questions to test students historical knowledge, understanding and skills. 

We congratulate both Hayley and Seralda on their fantastic achievement!

KSA Visit

On Wednesday 22 August, NTSDE Principal Anne White welcomed the middle years and some primary year’s students along with their families and staff from Katherine School of the Air to our school. The visit was to raise awareness of what NTSDE has to offer and meet with the students face to face who will be involved in the IDL ‘Transition to NTSDE Program’ run early in Term 4 over IDL. Everyone had a short tour of the school then joined in some activities designed to promote learning for fun, friendship and life.

A huge thanks to all the teachers who presented to the students 

  • Winsome who brought ‘art to life’ with her session using iPads and 3D perspective
  • Sand and Vanessa for providing an engaging session on healthy food choices, Year 8 student, Taylor was the ‘choice champion’
  • Vanessa for ensuing all students (and some teachers) participated in the tug of war, which was won by Team Pizza!
  • Helen and Selina for getting the buzz happening amongst the students with their activity ‘count the squares’
  • Veronica for completing the activities of the day with a STEM engineering challenge.

Student Services Team

Juice at NTSDE

Juice are a group of Centralian College students studying Stage 2 Ensemble Performance (Music) with NTSDE. They have enjoyed enormous community success with their original highly energetic music this year. In April they won first prize in the Northern Territory Battle of the Bands and most recently won Triple J Unearthed High Indigenous Initiative. Even though the band had only one upload on their Triple J Unearthed profile, Juice impressed the Triple J judging panel with how together they already sound. They are presently in discussion with interested parties of the music industry with a view to promote their musical talents. From the Northern Territory School of Distance Education, we wish them the greatest success.

You can listen to their song 'Foolish' using the link below:

National Health and PE Day

Australian school children rank among the worst in the world when it comes to their physical activity levels. To tackle this problem, they need to be taught skills and have better knowledge and understanding of how to lead active and healthy lifestyles.
That’s why National Health and Physical Education (HPE) Day has been designed to raise awareness of, and advocate for, a greater focus of HPE in our schools.  The theme, Good for Children, Good for Schools and Good for Communities, is being celebrated over a three year cycle, and the 2018 event – on Wednesday September 5 2018 – will focus on how HPE is ‘good for schools’.

Why celebrate National HPE Day?
An educated nation, comprising active and healthy young people, is the best investment we can make in the future. Learning in HPE makes an important, positive difference to their time as students and their lifelong participation and health outcomes. Parents, teachers, schools and communities play a central role in promoting, facilitating and modelling positive lifestyle behaviours.

What can you do to get involved?
As Distance Education students many of your waking hours are spent sitting at school and at home, so you need to integrate opportunities in order to be more active as part of everyday life.

Below are some simple ways you can incorporate 30 minutes of physical activity and reduce sedentary lifestyles at home on National HPE Day. Doing these activities will (over time) make a substantial difference to your health and learning outcomes, and establish good habits that will hopefully stay with you them throughout your entire life.

Unplug the technology and play
Time spent using electronic media (such as watching television, IDL Lessons, on-line Moodle lessons, mobile phone use and computers) usually involve long periods of sitting. Make a family agreement on National HPE Day to eliminate ‘screen time’ and instead spend some quality active time together. Go for a family bike ride, a walk, fly a kite, throw a Frisbee, help cook dinner, wash the car, or get busy with household chores!  Make fun the focus.

Use active modes of travel
Physical activity does not need to be organised or competitive to be beneficial. Walk, ride a bike, ride a horse, ride a quadbike or motorbike ride, or skateboard all or part of the way on National HPE Day instead of taking the car.  Catch up with friends to walk and talk instead of sitting down to chat, or take the dog for a walk after dinner with your family.

Visit a local club and play organised sport
If accessible, visit your local sporting clubs within the community or at the very least research into what sporting options are available. I encourage you to participate to get them active and involved in your community.

What is the issue in Australia?

  • The 2016 Active Healthy Kids Australia Report Card showed a similar story to the original report card in 2014, in that Australian school children rank among the worst in the world (D-) for overall physical activity levels and sedentary behaviours.

  • The latest Report Card shows that Australia is fortunate enough to have excellent physical activity facilities in schools and communities, indoor and outdoor playing areas and plenty of walk and cycle-ways, which is an opportunity to improve on organised sport and physical activity participation which was rated a B.

  • 80% of 5-17 year olds are not meeting the Australian Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines of at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity every day.

  • As reported in 2014, only 29% of Australians aged 5-17 years are meeting the recommended Australian screen time guidelines of accumulating no more than two hours per day.

  • Despite 66% of Australian children aged 5 to 14 participating in some form of organised sport outside of school hours, participation in other forms of physical activity (such as active transport and leisure time physical activity) that contribute to overall physical activity levels are low and declining.

    Find information about National Health and Physical Education Day visit:

Send in your photos of how you celebrated your day to: vanessa.cuttriss@ntschools.net

Meeting Australian Prime Minister

On the 22 July, we had the pleasure to meet the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull during his visit to Tennant Creek.

The same night he visited our community, all the Year 12 students were hosting a disco at the local Recreation Centre to help fundraise for our upcoming school formal.  His arrival was very exciting. Lot of chatter ensued, lights flashed and kids flocked around the PM mere seconds after he exited his vehicle.The kids were beyond ecstatic of the chance to voice their insightful opinions on the issues currently surrounding Tennant Creek and improvements that he could try and help with or implement himself.

While some kids simply asked for a quick photo with the PM. Justin Hockey, on the other hand, was also interested in a photo with the PM's buff and intimidating security guard but was politely turned down! Justin was thoroughly upset! Malcolm Turnbull's arrival at the Rec Centre uplifted the kids' spirits and sent them dancing the night away.

Justin Hockey with Mr Turnbull

Nelson Kurniawan with Mr Turnbull

Hannah Verdillo
Year 12 NTSDE Student from Tennant Creek High School

Horses for Courses - Ride for Bush Kids

Hello families and friends of NTSDE,

I'm super excited to personally extend an invitation to you to be a part of the 2018 'Horses for Courses' Charity Bush Ride.

This year the 'Horses for Courses' - Charity Ride for Bush Kids will head off from Glen Helen Homestead on the 7 October 2018. Riding through the spectacular West MacDonnell Ranges, camping under the stars for 5 fantastic nights and finishing up in Alice Springs on the 12th October 2018.

There'll be lots of evening activities planned and good ol' fashion hospitality, camp-oven cook ups, campfire sing-alongs, boot-scooting boogie, bush poetry, parks and wildlife ranger talks and night walks, the sharing of horse riding tips and about as much fun along the way as we can muster up.

'Horses for Courses' raises awareness of the issues Aussie Bush Kids face; which I'm sure you're all too familiar with... Educational Inequities; Boarding School Blues, Distance Education Challenges, Early Childhood & Specific Needs issues, Social Isolation Implications effecting Mental Health, the list goes on...

So why not pack up the kids and join us for a week of wonderful horse riding fun, make new friends and simply recharge the batteries. Never before has there been a horse ride like this occur through the West MacDonnell Ranges! This is a first... A 130kms horse trek through the Central Australian National Park. It's with the help of our wonderful volunteers and sponsors that we're able to offer of this amazing opportunity to our Bush Families.

It is essential that riders bring their own horse, tack and horse riding equipment along with feed and camping equipment. Riders who are staying for the entire duration will have their camping gear and horse feed transported each day to the new camp site.

Unfortunately places are strictly limited and subject to strict criteria as per our insurance schedule. All riders must have at least 3 years riding experience under their belt and be able to trot and canter. All under 18's must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult at all times unless otherwise arranged with management.

Please register your interest to partake as a horse rider on the website: www.horsesforcourses.net.au

Family members are welcome to join in overnight camping and activities. There will be a daily per person charge for meals and camping fee's for all non-riders.

Anyone not a horse rider, but wanting to join us along the way to camp under the stars please contact me directly. Camping is limited so places will be restricted.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us via email at H4C.BushCharity@gmail.com or phone 0429 826 054. I'm more than happy to have a yarn and give you the low down.

Thank you everyone, I thoroughly look forward to catching up those of you who can come along in October for this incredible horse ride. 

Tiani Cook
School Council Chair Person

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