New to NTSDE?

NTSDE uses three main platforms:

    • Compass is a web-based school management program that contains your timetable and assessment details.
    • Moodle is a web-based learning platform that contains your pre and post interactive online learning session work.
    • Zoom is a video conferencing program that used for the scheduled interactive online learning sessions.


Before you enter Compass, please watch the video on how to navigate your Compass dashboard.

Insert video here.

Video content: – 

    • How to log onto Compass
    • How to navigate your Compass dashboard
    • Message from your teacher


Press the orange icon on the login page to enter Compass.


Under the Class news feed section on the course dashboard, you will be greeted with a welcome message from your teacher. This includes the Moodle link and enrolment key to your subject. Click the Moodle link and enter the enrolment key, you will need to repeat this step for all your subjects.