Delivery modes and technology in distance education

As a provider of distance education, we use a range of delivery modes including the latest online technology. Subject materials are provided via our 24/7 connected and interactive online learning environment – Moodle.

All students are encouraged to take the ‘Learning by Distance’ induction course. This course will give students some tips for learning by distance and will also teach them how to use our online systems including IDL and Moodle. Student coordinators will give new students access to the course on enrolment.

If required, subject materials can be printed from each online course and our teachers may supplement these materials during the course of delivery. Students can expect our teachers to provide a weekly group lesson via teleconferencing or Interactive Distance Learning (IDL) and where deemed necessary, this may be via an individual lesson. Where we are working with a Community School, our teachers will provide this regular contact with the Community Teacher.

Our teachers also communicate with students using email, post and visits to student’s homes or schools. Some students also attend NTSDE for lessons. Full time students are invited to attend Residential Schools at NTSDE where they attend a week of timetabled lessons with their teachers for all their subjects.